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A healthy mouth for a lifetime without repeat problems.

Are you tired of constant dental problems? Let me show you how a comprehensive exam can eliminate the problems and constant dental visits!

Are you tired of feeling like you constantly have to see the dentist? Do you think having dental problems is normal? Do you postpone seeing the dentist because of fear and/or pain? Have you noticed yourself smiling less because you feel embarrassed by your teeth? How would you like to leave the dentist knowing you have a plan to solve your dental problems?

I can give you an accurate diagnosis and condition of your mouth eliminating your constant problems.

Hello, my name is Dr. Alexander Grabavoy and if you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the most important letter you will read all year! I want to help you eliminate the constant problems year in and year out and here is how: While in dental school studying for my doctorate I discovered the concept of treatment planning. To most dental students this was boring and not that glamorous. Most wanted to "jump" right in there and do procedures. I knew this was not the best approach and that I would need to advance my education in this area to be able to finally solve my patient’s problems. So I took post-dental training in complete dentistry. This begins with a complete and thorough examination (lasting approximately 1 hour) by the doctor so the patient’s level of dental health can be established and a treatment plan formulated. This may sound simple, but there is much more to it before performing procedures. After gathering the information, a logical and systematic set of procedures is formulated in an orderly arrangement. This eliminates the random procedures or "jumping right in there" approach and outlines an orderly and predictable set of procedures in the treatment plan. This enables us to eliminate problems and potential problems and restore the mouth back to normal function.

My practice philosophy has always been to detect potential problems and propose solutions to them before they arise. If you are tired of constant problems, then comprehensive dentistry may be right for you.

Once I opened my practice, I realized the only way I could conscientiously treat patients was by doing comprehensive dental care. Come in for your appointment and we will do a complete review of your medical and dental history, a head, neck and TMJ exam, an oral cancer screening, charting of your past dental conditions, a comprehensive dental examination of the teeth, gums and how the teeth occlude together, an intraoral fiberoptic exam, a complete set (18) of dental x-rays, and a complimentary consultation with my team. You will leave your initial appointment feeling relieved that you have a plan in place to eliminate constant dental problems.

I am so confident that I can eliminate your constant dental problems and you will be walking out after your first visit thinking to yourself "Why did I wait so long to come in?" You will leave my office with the satisfaction of knowing that you now have a definite plan of action to address any existing dental problems and to avoid potential future problems.

WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Call within the next 10 days to schedule your appointment and receive $100 off future accepted dental treatment (minimum $500 treatment)

Call (815) 730-0900 NOW! Laura and Mary are waiting to hear you say, "I want to schedule my complete dental exam". Or email us at [email protected] and receive a call back within 72 hours to schedule your appointment. If you would like additional information, visit our website

I very much look forward to hearing from you today and can’t wait to meet you at your appointment.

Alexander Grabavoy, D.D.S.

P.S. REMEMBER! Your complete exam and $100 off future accepted dental treatment (minimum $500) is just a click away!